Central Vacuum parts & accessories

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Zenex Central Vacuum System

Zenex 400

Zenex Model 400

Features a powerful, high airwatt premier 7.2” tangential by-pass motor and inverted bag filtration.  This large capacity power unit has a dirt capacity of 38 quarts, allowing you to empty the dirt can less often.  This central vacuum also features a larger capacity inverted bag, which provides more useable filtered air space, allowing for a longer period of time between maintenance.  The power unit also has a special sound reduction chamber, which reduces noise coming from the motor cooling air.  

Improves Allergies  

Use of the Zenex central vacuum system can help decrease asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust and allergens from your living areas.  Vacuuming with these vacuums provides a powerful, efficient cleaning job that will rid your home of these allergy-triggering irritants.   

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